Thursday, 10 November 2011

What? no more go-go girls?

Over the last few days photographs of a short grim-faced man have been circling about in the press. Raising his eyes to heaven, casting a weary wave behind rain-streaked glass, grasping the veined hand of a tetchy supporter. I even saw a grinning holiday snap from better days - wearing that ridiculous bandana - with a certain British ex-Prime Minister, tossed in with some shots of booby Ruby Rubacuore/Heartsnatcher, an underage job from the recent past.

Is it over? Or is Italy so far down the plug-hole hole there is not a hope of climbing out?

In my novel there are lots of references to go-go girls jiggling their assets on Berlusconi's three television stations, lots of small bald men with Amazonian wives. It was meant to be funny. Well, it is in a brittle sort of way. To think that some pneumatic tits and lips were enough to get a dental nurse into politics. Nothing against dental nurses, but Berlusconi has poisoned the system by making all women into potential slutty bedfellows, and the others well, we've heard his comments about ladies who are not-quite-Venus.

Today I read that in Silvio's world, when asked if they would have sex with the seventy-five year old tycoon, 30 per cent of women said 'Yes'.

He claimed that 70 per cent said 'What, again?'


  1. I realize this may not be altogether fair but it has been my experience that men who dye their hair are not to be trusted.

  2. I agree MSB, and have seen this several times. I also think the male who colours his hair is almightily insecure - what's wrong with a shock of grey hair or a sexy shaven head?

  3. Toss me into the category of people who don't trust men who dye their hair.

    Does it feel like a world gone mad or is it just me?

  4. Well, today is the 11th of the 11th!

    But yes, I agree, everything seems to happen faster and some things are so tangible as to be overwhelming - like the forest AND the trees all at once!

    I am waiting for the first snows to whiten everything out.

  5. He reminds me of the father of a friend from the teenage years. The look is the same, including the hair dye. At his wife's wake when I bent to give him a condolence kiss he reached in for a hand full of breast. My skin still crawls decades later. If he would have met the woman and not the teenaged version of me, the outcome would have been very different. Now, I have to go and shower.

    ps - our stock market went up on news he'd be gone.

  6. Yerk!! You've just reminded me of a schoolfriend's father who took a helping of my backside on a dance floor at the end of high school! I guess they are everywhere, always have been.

    I truly hope that Italy can turn this page over.

  7. His absence may prompt my presence. Finding me in Italy? That could work.

  8. I saw the headline on Yahoo - "Berlusconi resigns. More later." To which I thought - No. No more. Never. And thank goodness for that.

  9. Dear Bobbi, hold your horses! He still owns three television stations and has a finger in every pie there is. I'm not sure we'll be finding ourselves any time soon but at least he won't be out there in public perving out women's backsides and making his embarrassing comments. Per fortuna!

    Yes Downith it seems as though he really is out - unbelievable!
    If only he hadn't left so many cronies and crooks in government...