Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Have just done my first email interview with the lovely generous Miranda Dickinson whose first book Fairytale of New York was spotted on Authonomy and whose second Welcome to My World is about to come out. Miranda's blog Coffee and Roses has regular writer interviews and mine will be coming up soon!

Have also sent off the manuscript to a noted women's writer for a jacket comment - will see how that goes.

And am playing around with my cover images some more, I do like them and must work out how to insert photos here.

Time has stood still with the rain and flooding in town. Here the canals brimmed but haven't burst over. The water is finally seeping away in the fields and I have banished my image of my piano knee-high in water - awful that. I think I even played more thoughtfully this morning.

And what else from this divorcée? The obvious - a pair of bronze fur-lined chunky boots I can't wait to wear - a friend suggests I should be wearing them at the computer but how? what about The Occasion?? Although I suspect my bloke will grimace at them.

My fifteen year old daughter reluctantly gave her permission, but only as a trade-off for a new pair of jeans. How odd, my Mum never let me go near fashion but I suspect my offspring have absorbed one of the better things of this country.