Thursday, 20 January 2011

white heat white bliss

You may or may not know that this divorcée has fallen in love. With a huge hunk of a man, an epic wonder to behold, a lender of burning strength and searing conviction.

Oh and he is of rocky and muscled build, handsome as they come, particularly astounding in the moonlight, offering a terrain of lusty secrets in the summer.


He's also around 3000 metres in height and covered in ice at the moment, although there are gentler folds of blue snow. Most of the time I just can't stop staring.

Yesterday this divorcée went up there. Put on her embroidered Pakistani 1970s fur coat at 5.30am and drove up into the dawn, whacked her telemark skis on the rooftop and pounded down the slope. No weekend warriors, no kids in my hair, perfect snowscape and no writers' bum for me!

It was worth it. And I am truly in love.

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