Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Best Things in Life

Spot the cat!
After a van breakdown on the perilous A4, a twelve-hour driving stretch including burrowing under the scary Mont Blanc tunnel and charging through central France, your bed-and-breakfast falling through, a night-time unloading of an entire summer collection and staggering about with boxes/racks/hats, the discovery that your hotel is like a tiny pre-fab caravan and the downstairs McDonalds - you are too tired to take one step further - closes its doors in your face and you go to bed foodless...well... that's when you tend to look at the good things around you.

YOU ARE IN PARIS, something that excites you every time.
There is free champagne for exhibitors for four days.
There is a great Turkish thing going on outside on the main strip.
You get to wear great clothes and shoes for four days.
You eat wonderful food after work and tear across central Paris in a taxi yawning after midnight.

Bliss. Even that rainy walk to work every morning. Such a change from story submissions and revisions and disappointments piling up. And trying to keep the wisteria in check which is more fruitful than your imagination.

Blue Mosque - polaroid-style
You all know I work at fashion week in Paris twice a year and it is a blast. Not that I see a single clothes shop or museum or view of the Seine or trendy nightclub... We go to bed like tired chickens each night, fighting off the alarm and dragging ourselves to the shower. Matchsticks keeping apart eyelids at breakfast.

What do I wear today??
I don't care! Wear anything!
Whose idea was it to drink five glasses of champagne?? 

Turkish tea bags
The Bubble Card!!!
And the next day in between taking orders you are back again, an addict queueing up, sticking out your pink bubble card, listening to conversations behind and in front of you, watching an old French perv chat up a sweet young thing with glorious eyes, watching the super-tanned gay guy selling ripped dresses in his Ray Bans and bandana, watching the Indians eating food from home and the Japanese in sharp clusters, watching the giraffe-like models glide about in flowing gowns leaving men and women gobsmacked in their wake.

Fashion, baby. I'll take six glasses..


  1. Fashion week in Paris through your eyes.....? I love it.
    Right now I could use those six glasses of champagne. After 4 months living in a little condo with all my belongings packed away-who-knows-where we are finally in escrow to get a house that is not next to the loudest street in Huntington Beach. Thank god I found a good hairdresser in Newport Beach to keep my grays under control. :)

    1. I've been wondering about you Leslie! Nothing worse than these long waiting stretches.. I hope the house goes through and you can unwind. Jog on the beach? Can you believe that this extreme anti-jogger has started running and loving it??
      Hope the summer pans out well Xcat

  2. Le sigh, le swoon... Love the Where's Waldo thing, with one smiling little Cat in the middle.

    1. It was so coool. I loved being champagne-tipsy and lost over the Bosphorus

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