Friday, 29 July 2011

Goth Mother Urges Readers

Marissa Toffoli has kindly posted an interview with me on the very interesting site

So far, my daughter says I look like a man and my eldest says I look like a goth. Eeek!

Do feel free to add yours. Oh and do read the interview and make sure to vote!


  1. What a wonderful interview. I love this concept of the iceberg. What a beauty you are!

  2. Great interview and I'm so glad to see your lovely face to go with the name. Will look for the book when it comes out. Like MSB, I loved the concept of the iceberg and I especially loved (in a cringing, "oh, that's for me" way) this:

    "keeping internet and blogging time in a padlocked box."

  3. MSB thank you! I am feeling less goth mother now.

    Downith - Glad you enjoyed and here am I online instead of doing edits!

    ciao cat

  4. Cat,
    The interview was delightful and you look beautiful. So there.

  5. Lyra thanks! I even have a (generous film buff) mate who said I look like Isabelle Huppert! Now that's pushing it but how sweet that sounded.

  6. You look beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know a little more about you and your writing!

  7. Voted! (I think you're beautiful. Such cool hair. . . .)

  8. Dear Rachel,
    thanks so much, glad you enjoyed. It was a little meandering!

    Averil thank you! Gosh my hair is actually vibrant red now and looks a little toned down in that shot. I guess I needed to pimp my ride...

  9. Love the interview and the pic, Cat. Glad to hear someone else has an office they rarely use.