Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Midsummer bash

This week my editor has abandoned me. Happily, I evade the screen. Though I am certain the next round of microscopically-adjusted galleys will soon plonk into my lap.

In the meantime it is time to party. Though I weary very quickly of people and crowds I do like occasional insanity and my character profile seems grounded upon this. Every July people look forward to the big summer bash I have here, without realising I use it to cover my social obligations for the year - seeing people I haven't sought out for an age, having a dance, having a moment of craziness without needing to catch a plane or drive all the way home witless. I see it also as a great opportunity to clean, exploit my sons and get the garden in order.

Now I have written my last lists. The portico has been repainted, the lights tested. The yard will be mowed today. I am about to shop and stuff the fridges. My towering plastic violet heels have been primed. I am almost in freefall towards the big event.

In past years I have danced in a fury, fondled men, drank way too much, woken to find bodies sleeping peacefully on the grass. In tents, on hammocks. A communal snoring. Then the next day in the sun begins and we sit slowly and without speaking under the trees thinking This is it, This was our party.


  1. I love this. What a brilliant and simple idea for someone like me - an extroverted introvert. One big event to cover all social obligations. That would be so much better than acting like a clod and pretending social obligations do not exist. That tactic has not served me well.

    I do recommend the vintage style of mower. Our yard was up until about ten years ago a woodland/meadow running along a creek. It was never sodded so it's a mishmash of grass and weeds. I mow with a pair of scissors in my hand to cut the tall whips that the mower misses. The yard looks better than ever.

  2. Careful. You're making me want to flee my crap cage and come party with you.

  3. I'd wear my silver sandals for you, Cat.

  4. Lisa, I am going to find one of those things if I have to order it from the US! We have a scythe here but that does not convince and requires sharpening.

    Girls, I suspect you are party girls deep down under and I would love to have you here under the trees or dancing in the portico. Put on your silver sandals and grab a Campari!!

  5. Cat,
    The image of this party...ahhhhh, what I wouldn't give to be there waking on the lawn. MSB, what time should I pick you up? You arrange the flights...

  6. It was loverly! Full moon and gentle lights, some craziness on the dance floor under the portico arches. My purple plastic heels were a hit. I must have missed Averil in her silver ones in the crowd...

    Dawn always feels so good.

  7. This sounds wonderful! I desperately need a pair of purple plastic heels and a party on the portico.

  8. I feel I owe you ladies a picture of these heels. You will all fall in love.