Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Last Days of Bended Knee

It's over. The Days of Bended Knee. This is what I am calling telemark or free-heel skiing which is how I spend my winters to avoid depression, writer's butt and a bad neck and shoulders. I think physical activity is essential to writing. Not only for the obvious aesthetic reasons when one must present a book in a stylish London independent bookshop (are you sure about the silver heels Averil? What if it's cold?) but for strength of mind and character. If I am curled up with my laptop for five damp foggy months where I can barely see the cherry tree at the bottom of the yard, I become a pretty toxic person. I need movement (read beer-stops, some night-time dancing and man-hunting into that) and good mates talking about everything under the sun other that writing. Sometimes I ban myself from talking about The Novel because I don't want to sound like that whacky Australian who also thinks she can ski. Not everybody reads, not everybody will even half-like this book, but I was very very chuffed in the local bar trying to explain my storyline to a bunch of dishevelled male ski mates at the end of a sunny slushy day. Miles away from my target market, but wanting to know if there were any ski instructors or mountain lust. Well, there IS a chapter set in my beloved Dolomites, and there IS a sculptor (my mate M has the most amazingly creative hands).

Gosh this disco babe even made it to the local dancefloor some time on Sunday morning to show those youngsters what three decades of wild dancing can bring about. My first real discos were dives in 80s Paris before these kids were even on the chart.

For Downith, my meme. I'm going to use this book, not my WIP, which doesn't even have page numbers on the print-out and is quite far from my daily thoughts. So here goes:
P77, line 7, 7 lines of 'The Divorced Lady's Companion to Living in Italy.'

'wagging his shaving brush. He started a long monologue which I presumed included his thoughts upon Italian cinema, given I caught a couple of key words: Sophia Loren and seno (breast). My question had unleashed a torrent, but I couldn't understand a thing.
'A te piace il sesso, scommetto?' He leant forward and said this in a sly intimate tone. I was beginning to figure out that he'

Et voilà!


  1. If it's cold you may need to rethink the entire ensemble. Or what about pumps? I used to have the most darling pair of kitten-heeled pumps . . . I wonder what happened to them . . .

    I digress.

    The excerpt is lovely, particularly since we just went out for Italian food and there was a sizzling-hot picture of Sophia Loren on the wall. It's a sign!

    1. Yes sizzling Sophia Loren is definitely a sign! You are in the zone!

      I'm going to have to bring half my wardrobe over. Spring always throws me off. But then I remember wearing boots, skirt and leather jacket in London in June not so far back. So it will probably be trench coat plus layers - a la cipolla or onion-style - we used to say at the fiera/trade fair.

      Either that or a shopping spree with a girlfriend for just-the-right-thing?

  2. Glad you enjoyed your holiday, cold though it was. Now to get ready for that book launch! Get those pumps (as Averil says) out of the closet and start priming the feet.

    Can't wait to read your book, which I'm heading off to pre-order this minute. I'm so excited for you!

    1. I'll miss the skiing but yes it's time to turn back to other things - mowing the lawn for a start!

      I am sitting here thinking about my pumps, the wearable ones that is. My daughter is dragging me shopping this afternoon and I might just have a sniff about the shops in town.

      Let me know how you go with ordering. Friends in the UK have already received theirs but I'm not sure how delivery is going in the US. Hope it's okay and would love to know what you think. Graze Teri!

    2. When I went to Amazon to order, they asked for my email address so they can notify me when they have stock. I'll let you know how it goes!

      Good luck!!

      And P.S. I love Vivian's advice over at Betsy's for the reading. Make 'em laugh and they'll all buy your book! You'll do great.

    3. Dear Teri,
      Yes Vivien's advice was fab. I love the idea of five points. You know, sending the letter to Betsy and reading these replies has made me feel less nervous at the thought. I will certainly be putting a lot of it into practice, though not the naked look!

      My publisher has given me a faster link for international purchases. Silly me for not asking before. You can try this if you like. It's with Paypal through Central Books London:


  3. Qualcuno dice che le montagne sono mute maestre per silenziosi discepoli. Ed in effetti la magia delle Dolomiti ispira tanta creatività, nel silenzio e nel rumore fà da teatro ad incredibili incontri di persone molto diverse accomunate dalla passione per lo sci creando Nuove Compagnie per Nuove Storie...

  4. Cara Rosy,
    Graze per le tue bellissime parole e mi manca già quella magia che ci trasforma tutti. Qui le ciliegie sono in fiori e c'è un'altra bellezza di stagione, ma quanto mi mancherà passare le giornate con voi.

    Haopy Birthday Girl da tutti noi sciatori australiani! Bacioni cat

  5. Go with killer heels (cold or not), the secretary look, (kinda teacher preppy with mystery), tousled hair and red lippy. Go for it, and congratulations. And by the way, don't stop talking about your novel. You're allowed to... and we'll forgive you.

    1. All my heels are killers! It's either cut-off zipped-up stilettos, or strappy D&G. I will most probably have messy reddy hair, and I confess I have strong tastes in lipstick.

      Next week I'll be ordering my prosecco from the source - Valdobbiadene, on the lower slopes of the Dolomites above Treviso. A great excuse for a day out wine-tasting, no?

  6. Cat, I haven't reached that bit yet - Marilyn has just arrived at Fiona's filthy flat - look forward to it.

    FYI, it's bloody freezing in my neck of England today.

    1. Oh gawd speaking of filthy homes... my Easter task involves cleaning one before the hoard comes on Monday.

      Cold? I will be dressing like an onion - layer upon layer upon layer. Just working out how to get my prosecco supply over there..

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