Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Harbour

This year started with a rusted knuckled anchor chain thrown off the deck of my brother's sailing boat as we vied for a spot on Sydney Harbour on the 31st December. Vodka and something sweet, fireworks like cannon blasts and falling fairies, a putter across the harbour to take Lisa home before dawn.

Hours afterwards a slick of sun found my face. I looked up to see a block of harbourside flats rocking from side to side like a piano metronome. We jumped into the green water and Paul's bird cooked loads to eat.

Later I waited for the others in Sirius Cove, a magical place stolen from another people. The cove cuts into the landscape and though there are mansions on top the shore is unkempt and sandy with tossed rocks. I swear I felt the thrumming of the land. I could have sat there forever.

These days, halfway through the year, I am in summer heat again, wishing I were near water. But Venice is full of tourists. The nearby beaches have no waves. I will wait for Corsica. Yesterday my youngest and I bought a tent.

Meanwhile my eyes hurt and the editing of this book goes on and on. And on. My editor is strict. He says the book works and should do well if it finds its way to the right audience. I can't even begin to think of this next step.


  1. Stick with it - the editing process does come to an end, although I know that it can seem that it will go on forever.

  2. Thanks Mike! It doesn't feel that way yet. I wish I had a swimming pool in the yard to dive into occasionally and clear the head!

    I've just seen The Ascent of Isaac Steward on Amazon - time to order! Congratulations!!

    ciao cat

  3. Hi there,
    I'm just now finding my way to your blog via Averil. Here's to finishing up your book!

  4. Go Cat! You can do it!

    I'm a coastal person too. The husband and I owned a sailboat before we owned a house. Something I will never reqret because of the great memories. I used to love mooring and swimming in to shore for a meal cooked over a fire or to just laze around.

  5. My family is slowly learning the ways of the water. Today my two eldest daughters navigated the bay in tiny sailboats. I had to pinch myself to make sure this life was real.

    A tent, huh? In my mind's eye, that's bravery at work.

  6. Thanks Teri,
    It's not over until this skinny lady is singing!
    Enjoying your blog too. ciao cat

    Grazie Deb,
    I think I can, just going nuts quietly. I miss sailing so much, have replaced it with skiing in winter. I like the way everything depends on weather conditions you cannot alter!
    Miss campfires on the shore too. best cat

    MSB - I saw your photograph and it brought me back! Are you learning too? ciao cat

  7. Hi Cat,

    Been meaning to pop over but you beat me to it. Congratulations on the book coming out. How exciting!


  8. Cat,
    I can feel that strip of sun and the jump into the green water. I am so excited to read your book for more of this loveliness...

  9. The thrumming of the land . . . tossed rocks . . . a slick of sun . . .

    I can't wait to read your book.

  10. Dear Downith,
    Sooner or later I will make it over your way and we can compare tiaras!
    ciao cat

    Lyra and Averil,

    I am also enjoying your words in a big way.

    At least I am still laughing as I edit. I really hope others will. It's a crazy fast-paced high-heeled Italian book, my stories are more poised and serious. But I like/need them both.

    ciao cat