Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Based on the author's vast experience and wild imagination

I've taken the strap line from my cover and am seeing a whooping woman on a tabletop in high heels. Is that really me? This lady sounds dangerous. And yet this woman/author is shepherding young adults through life, seriously playing Scarlatti and hoping for some early snow and pearly high altitude dawns.

Yes the season is changing. Leaves are skating down and tractors are peeling open the earth and I am moving from being a writer on a word-high to an author working on her game plan to sell her book. I am slightly scared. Okay, I am shit-scared, sleepless at night. I wish that memory of swimming out to those Corsican buoys was a little more convincing. Think sand, think sultriness. Turning over under my umbrella, a dip in green water...

But as the autumn advances there is no escape. I have to see this thing through. Hone my lapsed marketing skills and learn how to package my book. This morning I read that hundreds of new novels hit the shelves in the UK each month. Hundreds?! I read that I need a famous person to attract a crowd. Who?! I think of texting Mr. Clooney or dragging in leggy Elle MacPherson, now there's a divorcée, given there is a sassy Australian girl with a great -bleep- collection in the book.

At least I have my book launch dress. Or two depending on the weather and the riskiness of the occasion. On Friday myself and the Facebook teen daughter journeyed up north to a designer friend's outlet and gorged ourselves on clothes, bags and shoes. How sinful, how delicious.

But truly I feel like running off to Paris, rushing down a street in the chill wind, walking through a great and engulfing art museum of gilded frames and grappling beauties. Sitting on a bench in a vault of light.

- - -

p.s. Thank you to Mike French - I've just joined the literary review The View From Here as a contributor and look forward to taking part!


  1. Congrats on becoming a review contributor. Clooney or MacPherson would definitely draw in a crowd - if you were launching a calendar!) You and your book are enough to get your own crowd started - don't fret :)

  2. You're very welcome! I'm having lunch with George this afternoon and will ask him if he can help with your book launch - I'll warn you though he is a very busy man but I'm sure I could sweet talk him into sparing an hour or two.

  3. Thanks Rachel! Would be great if you could join the crowd! I'll be sending you out my first copy to NZ that's a promise. Ciao cat

    Hi Mike, thank you that would be great. I'll provide the prosecco for the sweet talking. Ciao cat

  4. Instruct Clooney to your post about him. He'll be so flattered (I'm certain he doesn't have that much written about him, right?), he will not be able to say no.

    I read this whole post, and after the comment about the book launch dress, all I could wonder was, but what about the shoes?? You, my Italian dear, have me trained.

  5. Excellent question Lyra and you haven't caught me unprepared! The fetish-styled but oh-so-chic cut-off boots or the black heels with the leather flower ruffle? Or have I forgotten something else in my wardrobe?

  6. This is the kind of anxiety that I use to say to myself, it's cool if the book never gets an agent, never gets publishes because then the real work starts!

    But here's the deal - I'll be promoting the book and so will all your other friends so you won't be doing it alone!

    Yay! (?)

  7. Oh yes please. I'm rather nervous without my screen of written words. The waiting has been agonising enough! ciao cat

  8. I love the idea of wrangling a celebrity to do your marketing. How about sending Clooney an ARC copy? Maybe that will entice him. Or get a look-alike. That will cut costs dramatically.

  9. Who needs Clooney when you've got a raft of giggling fans?

    (Good grief can you write. You may gorge on clothes, but having read this post three times, I feel as though I've just eaten a platter of foie gras.)

  10. Well my ex-husband has been said to resemble Hugh Grant.. Maybe I could see if he's free that night?

  11. That's so sweet Averil! I'll probably need all the help I can get and I think I'll help myself to some Pinot grigio downstairs right now.

    Ps you can write too girl, and how!

  12. Hi Cat. When exactly is the book launch ? And you must post a photo of you in the entire ensemble!


  13. Hey, if you've got the dress down the rest has to be cake, right? When is the launch? Enquiring minds want to know!

  14. Dear Downith,
    We won't be sure of details for a while yet, but no harm in wracking the nerves beforehand, no?
    I promise there will be some snap shots of me looking foolish!

    Hey Deb,
    As soon as I know for sure it'll be up here, as I'll be desperate to rake up a crowd - virtual or real it doesn't matter!

    Ciao to you both, cat